Three Mile Island decommissioning

It looks like the decommissioning of the Three Mile Island  Generating Station is on its way. You may not be aware of that but the station is still running in spite of the famous accident that involved the partial melt-down of the reactor core. Exelon Corporation must have sped things up and seem to be […]

Keeping things under control

The recent events that shook our city and the still-investigated massive power issues witnessed in the city underground have heavily mobilized us. More than we expected in the first place to be honest. Please be sure that we are working night and day and that we will resume our normal level of service and support […]

Bringing you the Power, casting away the Darkness

A word form the Manager – Energy is the blood of our city, industries, shops. We cannot afford to run low of power, letting silence and darkness impacting our lives. Whenever a power-shortage occurs, a generator smokes or the lights flicker, Sethmes Networks is your life-saver. Aimed at professional customers, Sethmes Networks is a human-sized […]